Floor sanding & polishing in Toowoomba


There are many benefits to having timber floors. Not only do they last virtually forever, but they can be revamped again and again. While wood flooring can have a tendency to become worn out over time, they can be redone to look like new all over again. When you want your wood floors to have a whole new look, contact Toowoomba Polished Floors. We are providing sanding and polishing services to restore even the most worn out floors. We can handle old homes that are damaged or severely scratched. Give your floors, and home, a whole new look with our superior floor polishing and sanding services in Toowoomba and surrounds.

Even damaged floors can be made to look brand new with our professional processes. We provide the following services to get wood floors looking their best again:
Floor sandling— Floor Polishing in Toowoomba, QLD



We have powerful floor sanders to remove surface imperfections like scratches, scuffs and even discolourations. Once the floors are smooth, we can move on to the next step of the process, which is coating the floor with the desired finish the customer wants.
Floor staining — Floor Polishing in Toowoomba, QLD



If you don’t want to use the natural colour of your floors, we can change it for you using floor stain. There are numerous colours and varieties available, so you can go with a virtually endless number of shades.
Floor Polishing



Once the floor is smooth and the colour your desire, we can coat it with one of many flooring polishes or protectants. The final coat you use will depend on the look you are going for, as well as how much protection you need. Homes with kids and pets especially will need more protection.

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We are more than happy to offer you a free quote at your home or business and go over your options when it comes to repairing or replacing your worn-out timber floors. Call today and one of our experts will answer any questions you have or set up an appointment.